Stop Water Changes and Go With Water Replacement

I've been through some aquarium filters. And I do keep coming back to sponge filters. And I have powered them with air, and also with water pumps. 

Right now, and for the last two or three years, I am depending on CAF250 Sponge Filters. They are built to handle 250 gallon systems and I found them on Amazon at a typographical price. They've always been $27-$35 dollars.  Then I found someone selling them for $10 and I've bought like, twenty of them. 

I like sponge filters because: 

  1. They run via airpressure, and airstones will oxygenate the tank while the sponge cleans it
  2. The sponge filters can't suck up food or a fish
  3. The sponge filters host tons of beneficial bacteria 
  4. The sponge filters are easy to clean. VERY easy to clean. 
  5. Sponge filters last a VERY long time. 

In this article (link) I've shown you the filters, and linked a way to get them for $10. It's February 2020 so I don't know when you're reading this or if the sponge filters will still be ten bucks when you look. 

But they're called CAF250 Sponge Filters. They're made by AquaTop. 

If my link is broken in this article, please pop over to and let me know using the contact form. (Ask the Doc) 



Doc Johnson